The Areas of Focus

Every business owner requires up-to-date information on many issues to manage their business successfully and stay out of trouble. Those in the medical industry have an even higher risk due to State and Federal regulatory issues. We strive to partner with experts in several areas and focus on providing guidance in 6 key areas. We intend to deploy information as an integrated solution; however, we understand some clinics prefer to phase in these aspects. Practitioners can easily coordinate and implement segments based on their priorities rather than make significant wholesale changes. We want you to be comfortable with a smooth, controlled rollout.

the area of focus
proper legal

Proper Legal Structure and Protection

We Target Indications not Treatment Modalities

Proper Legal Structure and Protection

We work closely with a top healthcare law firm that focuses on Regulatory, Compliance, and Transactions. They have significant expertise with Operations, Transactions, Payor issues, starting a practice, licensure requirements, and many other facets that affect Chiropractors. They are not litigators; they are healthcare legal experts with vast expertise. They ensure you are correctly set up and protected; then, they work with you as you grow.

Proper Legal Structure and Protection

Increase Patient Count

We believe in “selling what you want, to whom you want, under the terms and conditions you want.” That translates into defining your target demographic and creating internal and external marketing programs to achieve your financial objectives. We target indications, not treatment modalities, and our most successful clinics focus on at least one of the following:

Our messaging objective is to make the clinic the expert in any indication they wish to focus; they will be the local authority to treat and address these issues. What works in one city may not work in another; however, rest assured we will find the right pathway for increased patients, revenue, and profitability.

Increased patient count

Constant Involvement

We do not come in, ask questions, tell you what to do, and check-in now and then. You are stuck with us; we ask for a weekly Zoom call to review what we are doing, modify the plan if needed, create accountability milestones, and work with you to achieve the goals. We keep you focused on your strengths, look to enhance your practice through partnerships, and share success stories our other clients have achieved. Why create the wheel from scratch again? We want you focused on what you are good at, dealing with patients and their concerns.

constant involvement

Solutions and Procedures that Work

We are an evidence-based company. Each modality, product, or partner we choose must have proven clinical systems and protocols that improve patient acceptance & compliance and enhance outcomes. It is common knowledge that referrals are the single most crucial marketing tool for any business. We live the philosophy that “great patient outcomes create significant income.” We will help you leverage these great treatment results to build your practice. We spend many hours with manufacturers, distributors, and trainers to identify the right products and programs every month. We know one size does not fit all; we take the time to find the best partners. Your expertise should be tied to the treatment; it should leverage your knowledge of the indication.

Chiropractic Practice Management

Regulatory Environmental Compliance

One of our primary responsibilities is to keep you out of regulatory trouble. When we see something, we say something. Regulatory compliance is time-consuming and costly, but penalties for non-compliance can be devastating. We are proactive in our approach and try to bring constant updates to your attention. The healthcare law firm we are partnered with has experts dedicated to FDA and state issues. They help mitigate risk daily and have a division focused on nothing but compliance. Adding medical services to create an integrated practice is not a simple switch; you must consider the many local, state, and national laws before making changes to keep you safe.

Regulatory Environmental Compliance

Business Issues / Profitability

Our team has decades of experience advising lots of clients; we have seen many business issues arise. Most involve hiring, premises leases, financial matters, medical directors, injectors, employee training, debt reduction, product pricing, marketing, sales structures, partnerships, buying and selling a practice, and exit strategies. Whatever business issues are presented, you can reach out to us; there may be a solution we are aware of that has been successful. We learn from every situation and share those strategies with our clients to keep their businesses running smoothly.

Business Issues

We Target Indications not Treatment Modalities